The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power®

Currently there are two qualified teachers of the 
Tantric Dance of Feminine Power™, 

Vajra Ma  and Nita Rubio  
Both are available to travel.

For current classes and schedules please email us or call 541 292 6310

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About The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power®
The Womb-Sourced Yoga of Feminine Wisdom™
The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power® is a devotional subtle body practice originated by Vajra Ma. It is a keenly focused, self-referred moving meditation that circulates the life force throughout the nadis (subtle energy channels of the body) and weaves the energies of the Womb, Heart and Third Eye. It is a spontaneous practice that is experienced only by direct, subtle communion with the innate intelligence and powers of the body. Spontaneity manifests a precision and profundity of experience that far surpasses that of technique, especially when rooted in subtle energetic awareness and devotional intention.

The Dance is based in profound Pleasure. Though trivialized, distorted and profaned in the modern world, in reality Pleasure is a central mystery of authentic power and spiritual knowedge. It is inseparable from Shakti, the Cosmic Feminine Creative Force. Pleasure is a sacred gift from the Divine Mother.

The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power is a continual moving stream of asanas imbued with knowledge, pleasure and power; a flowing infinity of shapes, subtle sensations, feelings, emotions and movement. In the Dance our full-body, multivalent, spherical awareness unfolds naturally. A river does not think where it will go, it feels what is present--rocks, earth, soil, cliffs, valleys, plants and trees…and moves responsively. We dance the river of our devotion and desire. It flows through us until we become the very Ocean of Bliss.

This practice is not neo-tantra. It has no affinity with neo-tantra’s focus on sexual techniques. The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power is a devotional practice danced for the benefit of self and all beings. It is approached in utter surrender, humility and reverence. Its affinity is with the inner source of tantric mysticism, the female wisdom that shaped the original, authentic practices of Tantra.

Though called "dance", The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power is not just dance. It moves fluidly--just as Woman’s spherical consciousness does--across the artificial divisions between dance, movement, meditation and yoga. Between stillness and motion. Between bhakti, deity, jnana and hatha yoga. It is yoga, dance, prayer, worship, a healing modality, moving meditation and the essence of still meditation. It is tantric yoga and contains the yoga of emotion. It manifests magical workings, shamanic journeying, karmic unfoldings, animal powers, the opening of the Heart, healing transmissions and spiritual empowerments.  The highest wisdom teachings come through The Dance. It has revealed itself as an authentic Dakini practice: 

In 2003, while I was meditating at my altar to the Goddess Kali-Ma, She whispered in my heart, 
"This is the Yoga of Shakti." 
She imprinted into my heart the realization that this practice which had come through me goes beyond its foundational components. It includes its living matrix of powers, phenomena and transmissions. 
Kali Ma impressed upon me that it is this full  matrix of manifested powers, phenomena and transmissions that defines The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power as The Yoga of Shakti. 

Through The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power, the dancer increases her sensitivity to subtle energies, learns how to absorb them as they intensify, rather than dissipate them, leading to an ever increasing capacity to receive, generate and absorb higher frequencies in the body. "Frequency" is no poetic expression but a concrete, tangible phenomenon. At the higher frequencies, The Tantric Dance is the literal living embodiment of deity. The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power is danced for the benefit of self, witness and all beings.
Woman Mysteries of the Ancient Future Sisterhood is a Priestesshood and a Mystery School since 1989,  integrating Goddess knowledge, feminist consciousness and subtle body energies. The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power® is the core of our work, a devotional practice, a form of worship, a prayer. It connects us with the source of yoga: the dance of the Dakinis, the carriers and catalysts of wisdom and enlightenment. It has revealed itself to be an authentic yoga, a spiritual treasure that has emerged from the inherent intelligence and power of woman’s body. Over the years it has proven to be a vehicle par excellence of woman’s empowerment and awakening. The spontaneity of this practice demands a mental focus, sensate awareness and emotional courage far beyond the requirements of codified steps and technique. The results, likewise, far surpass those gained by technique. This is the Yoga of Shakti, a spontaneous, feminine moving yoga that can only be discovered by direct communion with the deep, innate intelligence of one’s own body. It avails us of an unusually rapid path of personal evolution. What you can learn in a single Dance experience might take weeks, months or even years of study without the Dance.
With this rapidity and depth comes great challenge. You must be ready to hold power and bear the responsibility that comes with it.
The various attributes that The Dance fosters transfer into all aspects of life — relationships, other movement modalities, healing skills, ritual and magical skills, intuition, our emotional and physical health. The capacity to understand the deep, mystical teachings from various traditions is rapidly developed and expanded through the direct spiritual experiences of The Tantric Dance.
The Dance engages all the bodies—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We embrace emotions (not to be confused with sentimentality) and pleasure as intelligent carriers of knowledge and information.
The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power opens the Womb and the Heart and merges their energies, giving birth to Feminine Wisdom.
What happens in Class?
Because it is a spontaneous practice, there is no technique, no "steps" to teach nor to practice. And yet it is a dance form. The dancer is guided to discover this form through her, or his, own direct experience. Feelings, emotional and physical, create the movement. Being present, moment to moment in a seamless interweaving of feeling and movement, present to our deepest longings for the Divine, opens us to higher frequencies and makes the Dance rapidly transformative.
We invoke the Goddess, for The Dance cannot be transmitted except through the living presence of the Great Goddess. Through The Dance women (and men) cultivate the capacity to embody the living presence of female deity in Her compassionate, wrathful and erotic powers. We embody more and more fully the creative essence of the Goddess and our female shamanic power.
Class includes guidance in the crucial elements that make this moving meditation unique, including receptivity, refinement of movement and sensate awareness, and absorbing the energy. These elements are the simple but demanding requirements to raising the frequency that is held by the dancer. This intense moving yoga thus gives us access to spiritual knowledge encoded in the frequencies of our DNA.
In a loving and supportive environment you are guided through movement journeys that provide imagery, sound, breath and movement to sensitize and increase your awareness of subtle inner sensation. Fluid, serpentine movement through hips, belly and spine entrain our DreamMind, Womb and Heart into harmonious, synergistic wave patterns that awaken the body's innate knowledge. 
Class may also include witnessed dancing. Witnessing leads to an intensified experience of dancer and witnesses. 
The guide/teacher gives each dancer verbal feedback that helps her to progress in the Dance. Most importantly, the guide/teacher holds a space of resonance that amplifies each woman’s experience. That is, the Dance is taught primarily through transmission, the factor of resonance. 
The higher, more subtle the frequency we hold in our body, the more spiritual information/knowledge we receive. The deeper our devotion, the more wisdom we integrate.
We do not need to cognitively understand the knowledge that is transmitted. The Dance touches us at levels far beyond words. We may experience pure transmissions and awakenings of sensation, pleasure and energy. These might "download" and integrate into our body and psyche in minutes, hours, or days in the form of spiritual understanding, creative ideas, guidance, words, images, physical healing, emotional clearing, joy and a greater capacity to act with power, creativity and devotion in our daily life.
The Dance is prayer and the answer to the prayer.

The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power™ is originated by Vajra Ma.
It is the core work of Woman Mysteries of the Ancient Future Sisterhood, a Mystery School and Priestess lineage. It has become the source work for many ‘tantric dance’ derivatives, primarily in Southern Oregon and Southern California, but also across the U.S.

For more on the history of The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power, 
see other articles on this website.

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About TEACHING The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power

The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power®
For  Couples
Sacred Teachings through Movement Journeys
with Vajra Ma & Wolfgang
Be advised: This workshop is not neo-tantra and has no affinity with neo-tantra’s misguided focus
 on sexual techniques (ejaculation control, extended orgasms, etc).
Know that all of Nature is but a magic theater,
that the great Mother is the master magician,
and that this whole world is peopled by her many parts.
                                     ~ Upanishads ~

The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power cultivates Presence between partners, presence imbued with mutual respect and humility, in a context of devotion to the Great Mother.

The Dance gives the couple a vehicle through which they may refine their spiritual, emotional and physical relationship. It produces a mirror of the relationship on all levels--spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. The Dance reveals the dynamics in the relationship that need adjusting or refining and the dynamics that are already good and desireable in their relationship. Equally, it provides an exquisite vehicle through which they can then adjust, refine, amplify and cultivate those dynamics.

Some of the exercises in the workshop are done individually and some in tandem between the partners. The workshop does not include physical contact. Contact is through the resonance of the subtle bodies and the auric fields. The subtle sensate awareness and refined movement generated through The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power does transfer naturally and directly into more refined, deeply felt love-making, but exploring this in  physical union is a private practice for the couple in their own time and place.

Each partner, individually and in tandem, has the opportuniy to cultivate presence and subtle body resonance between them, in the context of devotional intention. It is the quality of consciousness that determines the quality of physical union. Conscsiouness determines whether physical union is a spiritual experience.

The Dance is a moving meditation that cultivates, circulates and integrates the sexual and heart fires. As these two alchemically mingle, the power of the sexual fire fuels the heart while the power of the heart refines and raises the frequencies of the sexual fire. In the Dance we approach all the body's energies with humility and reverence. We develop the skill to hold this high voltage mix with increasing subtlety. The exquisite interplay between the stimulus of subtle sensation and the response of refined movement creates deeper and deeper states of pleasure. As this interplay becomes more and more subtle and as the pleasure is offered from the heart in devotion, power condenses, the bodily frequencies heighten and the innate spiritual knowledge of the body awakens.  We have direct epiphanies of the Goddess in Her many forms and powers.  The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power is a yogic practice of the Knowledge, Beauty and Power of the Great Goddess.

You do not need to be a dancer of any skill. But you must be ready for accelerated growth to participate in this workshop. Working at this level will influence every facet of your life; shed a light onto your fears and shadows; reveal imbalances in body, mind and relationships that may need healing; create opportunities for your gifts to unfold into the world and challenge you to seize these opportunities. Jai Ma!


This work is based in the power of Woman.
Body sourced spirituality is womb sourced spirituality.
It is disconnection, isolation, and alienation from this source which allows the world's suffering, violence, and hatred. This recognition moves us out of the distortions of both, world-negating asceticism and commercial exploitation. 
more . . .

Woman Mysteries of the Ancient Future Sisterhood is a mystery school that catalyzes accelerated personal evolution through spiritual embodiment work.  Our unique synthesis of healing and self empowerment modalities, once available exclusively to women (since 1989) is now available to men.

This work is deeply internal. It begins wherever you are today and takes you deeper into yourSelf. Thus, the work will benefit long-term Tantric practitioners and teachers as well as those at more beginning levels. It will benefit movement and yoga instructors, bodyworkers and healers.

"If we enter into the spherical universe, into the marvelous sinuousness of the total being of woman, we regain the suppleness of the newborn, joyous spontaneity, unprogrammed pleasure, slowness, the dawning of life in our organs, our skin, our gaze, our movements, our loving acts."
Daniel Odier in Desire
Vajra teaches in 5 to 10-week series, occasionally in monthly series.

A series provides a consistent group which develops the trust necessary for the work and gives the opportunity for follow-up and support throughout the process.

Entrance into the series is usually through a one-day intensive or previous study of the Tantric Dance. Taking the intensive helps Vajra and the woman herself determine if she is ready for the transformational nature of the work and ensures that each woman starts the series with an understanding of the basics of the Dance.

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