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Vajra Ma teaches outside the codification of established traditions and doctrines. She has designed and facilitated women's ritual since 1986 and has integrated Goddess knowledge and feminist spirituality with experiential body wisdom (the conscious awareness of subtle body energies) to forge Woman Mysteries of the Ancient Future Sisterhood, a modern mystery school and Priestess lineage based in the devotional moving meditation she originated, The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power™. 

Vajra Ma has taught women’s spirituality for decades, and developed demanding priestess training programs in her Woman Mysteries priestess lineage. Aside from her own books, the workbook for The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power, a nourishing mainstay for students and potential teachers of the dance and her newest book, From a Hidden Stream, The Natural Spiritual Authority of Woman, Vajra Ma is featured in Daughters of the Goddess: Healing, Identity and Empowerment, an anthology of women’s spiritual work in America, and her work has been the subject of scholarly papers presented at national conferences on religion. She has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and Goddess Meditations. 

Vajra Ma holds ministerial credential through the Temple of Diana, Madison, WI and has an extensive background in dance studies and theatre arts. 

Vajra Ma developed her mastery of energetic work over two decades through work such as the subtle movement explorations of Continuum and other dance studies including Middle Eastern, Sufi, folk and ballet. 15 years healing work as a bodyworker, formal study of psychic and magical skills. In addition to her BA and two years graduate work in Theatre Arts she has an extensive professional background as actress, vocalist, director, and teacher.
Vajra Ma is a compassionate and skillful guide for women and men ready to unfold into their innate power.

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