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Priestess of the Tantric Dance of Feminine Power and Ecstatic Worship

Nita Rubio was ordained Priestess of the Tantric Dance of Feminine Power and Ecstatic Worship through Woman Mysteries of the Ancient Future Sisterhood in July of 2000.

Nita is currently holding classes and workshops in Irvine, California, and on the LA Westside. These classes include the Tantric Dance and special one night events of Ecstatic Worship. The Evenings of Ecstatic Worship are small intimate gatherings for women to learn how to surrender to the subtle energies of the body and find a place of deep stillness, bliss and reverence. Our internal universe holds the prayer, the devotion and the worship. Pleasure is our pathway. Our surrender becomes an act of worship when we offer it to our infinite selves.

Nita also offers private sessions for women who would like to move deeper into the body with one-on-one support with specific intentions. These sessions are designed to be spontaneous to let the direction of spirit flow for the greatest healing and transformation of the client. Sessions may include energy work, massage, sound healing, stone and crystal layout and whatever else spirit may dictate!

Nita ecstatically holds all classes and sessions in safe and sacred space for women to connect to their own pleasure and worship the delights they find there!

Nita holds on-going classes and private sessions in Irvine and in Venice. 

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