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from the Sensuous Heart
Where are the men?

More than a personal challenge, this question is a global outcry because I am quoting what a great many women have been asking Vajra and me for quite some time.

But I am making it a personal and a specific call:

  • Where are the men with enough courage to surrender everything they thought and were told makes them men?
  • Where are the men honest enough to ask their essential questions and forego the easy answers, curious enough to search for manhood beyond their fragile anatomy?
  • Where are those few who are strong enough to bear the unbearable lightness of a masculinity referenced in reverence to feminine power and receptivity to life?
  • Where are the sons and brothers and fathers, lovers, and friends, spiritual enough to trust themselves not to accept new age labels covering old paradigms as enlightenment?
  • Where are those men, brave enough to abandon the alibi of skin-deep warrior bonding for the quest that promises nothing but life itself?
The list of these questions could be continued a very long time citing any variety of the same challenge: 
  • Give up barking up the wrong tree! 
  • Give up trying to do it right and instead listen to the ever-changing erogenous zones of life.
  • Abandon the futile pursuit of vanishing accomplishments.
Because if you think you know what to do next, you're lost. Women are bored trying to make love to adult boys who do to them but never are with them. Women are bored with pseudo-enlightened men professing a "fear of commitment" or a "free spirit" or "being in the now" while in reality they fear having to be with rather than pursue woman. Because then they would have to face their fear the power of woman.
  • We want to work with you, if you trust yourself enough to soften your defenses, old and new.
  • We have something to offer you, if you are willing to leave with less than you came with.
  • We invite you to dance with us if you can promise never to know the next move but to receive it.
The World needs you. The World needs men whose identity is not rooted in destructive, patriarchal righteousness but in true awe and reverence for the creative, unfolding dance of life. 

We invite you to dance with us if you can promise never to know the next move. Never. 

Come be with Her and be with us and open your life to

The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power.

We would appreciate hearing from you, your thoughts, expectations, hopes, fears. Tell us what would interest you in particular, and what you, personally, would expect, for example, from a week-long Tantric Initiation retreat for men?



December 12, 2002, 10 p.m.
Oh, Man!

Your power always was the power of the Mother!
Your dance the song to drums inside your heart, 
- the drums you beat to hear the echo of your womb.

Your breath, it rises from Her blackness 
   and is nourished by Her flame.

Your glance, Oh Man, 
   what arrogance to think
   it were you looking out
While all you can 
   is to accept 
   Her looking in.

You blessed child,
   receive Her Love!
But bury all your hopes
   so as to reap Her harvest.
Die with your lonelieness
   to rise with Her Glory.

You blessed child,
   accept Her looking in
And bear forever the volcano of Her Womb!

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"The Sensuous Heart"
Tantric Moving Meditation for Men
with Vajra Ma and Wolfgang

Objective of our work is to facilitate men's direct connection with the Divine Feminine.To raise their serpent energy, to reveal, activate, and experience the body as oracle and re-program ourselves and thus part of the world for a conscious path that allows the feminine (=creative) power to awaken and blossom in our life.

Vajra: There is one glaring truth about women and men that no one is admitting. Women know it. Men know it. But no one acknowledges it:

Men are afraid of women. 

Is it any wonder, women feel unmet by men? Men simply are afraid to meet them.
This fundamental issue is not being addressed in "sacred sexuality" and modern Western Tantra. They are virtually devoid of any mention, let alone focus, on the Great Goddess.

Wolfgang: Quite the contrary! Neo-Tantra, by emphasizing the whore without integrating the Madonna maintains the dismemberment of the Goddess and thus reaffirms the taboos of duality strengthening the patriarchal status quo. We are pretending, men are not afraid. We are colluding to keep the power of Woman invisible. 
Are YOU man enough to surrender? 
Vajra & Wolfgang combine their healing & energetic skills with their rich experience in walking the Goddess path. As a couple, they share their reverence for the power of Woman recognizing that it is the cornerstone of a deep relationship. They share from the wealth of their life experiences, leading them to the Goddess and to each other and to surrender at a profound level, teaching them knowing beyond words.

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