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Woman Mysteries of the Ancient Future Sisterhood.
About Woman Mysteries

Women's mysteries are based in the female blood cycle of birth, menses, lactation ('converting blood into milk'), menopause and death.  More broadly it is woman's sensual intelligence, her holistic capacity for spiritual-sexual pleasure and the particular capacity women have to function collectively.  The female shamanic group generates a power vortex that enables a woman to access deeper levels of feminine knowledge (holistic ways of functioning and perceiving) than she might singly.

Woman Mysteries of the Ancient Future Sisterhood is a Mystery School and Priestess lineage founded by Vajra Ma. The work catalyzes accelerated personal evolution through spiritual embodiment work. Because the work is experiential and unfolds spherically rather than linearly, people of various levels of development will derive great benefit from it,  including movement and yoga instructors, bodyworkers and healers.  The school provides classes for both women and men.

Woman Mysteries integrates Goddess knowledge, femininst consciousness, sacred dance and sounding with subtle body energetics (the conscious participation with subtle energies). The work is shamanic and tantric in the truest sense of the words.

Through the practices we increase our capacity to hold power and to utilize that power with integrity and compassion for personal growth and to serve global transformation.  Spontaneity grounded in finely honed  energetic skills is the hallmark of Woman Mysteries.

A Brief Herstory
The work evolved out of Vajra Ma’s desire to ‘cross-pollinate’ and integrate three strands of her studies that began in 1985: The power and knowledge of the Goddess, conscious participation with subtle body energies through movement and sounding, and feminist consciousness and spirituality. After years of developing and sharing this synthesis in classes, workshops and rituals, Vajra felt guided by a series of synchronicities to establish Woman Mysteries as a Priestesshood in a witnessed ceremony on October 15, 1994.
"I wanted to share with others some of the skills and treasures I had discovered through my movement explorations, to develop the synergistic feedback loop between body and spiritual awakening which had spontaneously unfolded in my own experience. This was a direct knowing, unmediated by word or concept. From this root impulse, over the course of a decade, our core practice, The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power evolved."
What makes this path unique?

The core of our work is The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power. This practice has revealed itself to be an authentic Dakini practice and yoga. It is a spiritual treasure that has emerged from the inherent intelligence and power of woman’s body. Over the years it has proven to be a vehicle par excellence of woman’s empowerment and awakening. The spontaneity of this practice demands a mental focus, sensate awareness and emotional courage far beyond the demands of codified steps and technique. The results, likewise, far surpass those afforded by technique. This is the Yoga of Shakti, a spontaneous, feminine moving yoga that can only be discovered by direct communion with the deep, innate intelligence of one’s own body. This spiritual practice affords an unusually rapid path of self-evolution. What you can learn in one Dance experience might take weeks, months or even years of study without the Dance.
With this rapidity and depth comes great challenge. You must be ready to hold power and bear the responsibility that comes with it.

The various attributes that the Dance practice fosters transfer into all aspects of life — relationships, other movement modalities, healing skills, ritual and magical skills, intuition, our emotional and physical health. The capacity to understand the deep, mystical teachings from various traditions is rapidly developed and expanded through the direct spiritual experiences of the Tantric Dance.
What is the Tantric Dance of Feminine Power?
How can I study the Tantric Dance of Feminine Power if I am not in Southern Oregon or the LA area?
You can produce a workshop in your area. For producer information see 
Where is Woman Mysteries located?

The Woman Mysteries work has two main centers: southern California and southern Oregon. THE RED DOOR Priestess training is structured to accommodate women from across the continent, and even from other continents, if they desire to do the work.

The RED DOOR Priestess Training

"THE RED DOOR RETREAT" June 2007—first step in the Woman Mysteries Priestess Training

Meet the Priestesses of Woman Mysteries