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 More on THE RED DOOR (Overview)
She awaits within you, the Priestess,
She who knows how to draw down the Moon
She who loves the Earth,
knows the serpent fire of sex and spirit,
the waters of time and tide,
the love of beauty,
the beauty of love.
She waits for you to feel your Sacred Blood
ripening in your womb
She who knows how to re-birth the world -
will you meet Her?
will you bring Her forth?
"This is a path of deep passion that gives you everything and requires everything." 
During this retreat, our work will include 
  • Daily Explorations in The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power
  • Authentic Voice Work 
  • Stalking Our Power
  • Goddess Herstory with slide show of pre-historic art
    • Classes in Moon Mysteries and Women’s Sacred Blood Mysteries
    • How to cycle with the moon through Her phases. Correlating Moon cycles to our natal chart.
    • Dakini Wisdom Teachings
    • New Moon Ritual

    Participants will experience the Tantric Dance as a temple dance and healing modality. Spontaneity is the hallmark of Woman Mysteries of the Ancient Future Sisterhood. Our collective, devotional focus will create a portal for the teachings and energetic empowerments most needed for this unique group of women to arise spontaneously. The power of the work resides in the living presence of the Goddess.
    Cost is $ 925.- very early bird rate, postmarked (and in the mail) by July 25th 2007, $ 1175.- until August 25th 2007, and 1325 thereafter. Includes lodging and meals.
    Refundable less $100 administrative fee up to July 25th. After July 25th no refunds.
    This retreat is open to all women whether or not they will step on the Woman Mysteries priestess path. This retreat is pre-requisite for the remainder of the training, but no one needs to commit to or is accepted into the full year's course until after this retreat. 
    * We will be joined by one man, our first priest-in-training who has been practicing the Woman Mysteries work for five years. He will fully participate in the classes and rituals of the retreat except for women's sacred blood mysteries.
    If the material available here and on the detailed pages really doesn't answer your questions 
    then email Vajra or Nita or call 541 292 6310.
    To be a priestess in this tradition requires you to believe nothing. Because you are. Although you may find it exciting and inspiring to gradually learn to relate your power to facts of the historic and pre-historic past, your main point of reference is The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power.

    This spiritual practice will reveal you to yourself and will continue to do so if you have the courage. To grow within The Dance means to become more and more naked to yourself because it is based on no codified steps. To progress is to become more authentic, to lose extraneous and gratuitous movement.

    authenticity and power,
    nourished each day from the well of surrender

    awakened to step into the responsibility inherent in our power,
    knowing that we cannot hold back on anything

    we find the courage to question what we think defines us
    and travel on the beam of trust
    the trust in the Mother’s merciless love

    Woman Mysteries Women‘s Empowerment and Priestess Arts Retreat  -- September 2007 -- 
    first step through The RED DOOR
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    Who Can Come to the Woman Mysteries Women‘s Empowerment and Priestess Arts  Retreat ?

    This first retreat each spiral is open to all women. They are going to be an intense, rich journey into your power as a woman and the collective shamanic power of the circle. Because the work is experiential and unfolds spherically rather than linearly, and because each woman’s process is amplified by the collective focus and power of the circle, women of various levels of spiritual development will derive great benefit from the work.

    You need to be ready for transformation. If you have not already been working with Vajra Ma or Nita we will interview with you on the phone to come to a mutual knowing of whether you are ready to participate in the "Woman Mysteries Priestess Retreat."

    No previous experience in The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power is required. However, the reading of the materials outlined below is.

    We will be joined by one man, our first priest-in-training who has been practicing the Woman Mysteries work for five years. He will fully participate in the classes and rituals of the retreat except for women's sacred blood mysteries.

    Limited to 15 women.

    Curriculum at the Retreat
    The Woman Mysteries work is a synergistic matrix of Goddess Studies, feminist spirituality and subtle body energetics. We teach in an experiential, non-linear way, with all the components of the work present from the beginning. The work unfolds spherically. The retreat will include:
    • Goddess Herstory—exploring the Great Goddess from a multi-cultural, global perspective from her worship in pre-history through the emergence of patriarchy and into the current resurgence of the Goddess. Includes slide show.
    • Dakini wisdom teachings and the female roots of Tantra, yoga and shamanism.
    • Discussions of the pre-retreat reading.
    • Moon Mysteries—how to cycle with the moon through Her phases. Correlating Moon cycle to your natal astro chart.
    • Women’s Sacred Blood Mysteries
    Energetic Work
    • Daily explorations in the Tantric Dance of Feminine Power
    • Authentic Voice Work: overtoning, sound as medicine, breath and vocal explorations.
    • Stalking Our Power: We explore the nature of power; how to contact it, hold it, how and where we leak power and how to call it back.
    • Magical working with the element of Water.
    Ritual Work
    • New Moon Ritual

    Reading to accomplish before the first retreat:
    • The Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler
    • Tantric Quest by Daniel Odier
    The following articles on our website www.GreatGoddess.org: Please bring your natal astrological chart. We will work with it in conjunction with the Moon cycle.

    No experience in The Tantric Dance is required to attend this September 2007 Retreat.

    Location and Accomodations
    The 9-day September 2007 Retreat will be in Southern Oregon, accessible by car or fly to Medford - possibly as low as $185 RT. One Van pickup provided. 
    There are three delicious, healthy meals a day. Retreat begins Saturday noon and ends Sunday afternoon of the following weekend. 
    For exact date and location, please contact us (email or call 541 292 6310) and make sure we can reach you otherwise (phone or web site, for example) to verify your data.
    We ask for your understanding that we keep a closely monitored email list and appologize for any inconvenience.

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