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    Between World-Negating Asceticism and Commercial Exploitation

    If you are seeking a world-negating, transcendent-only spiritual path, this is not the path for you. Ours is a path of devotion and trust. We embrace the manifest world as the Divine Dance of the Great Goddess. Ours is a path that honors the full power of Woman and Feminine knowledge.

    In its core, our view of Tantra is the bigger picture, beyond constructs, dogma, definitions, pseudo-spiritual systems and political agenda. This is why The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power is the Womb Sourced Yoga of Feminine Wisdom, because the womb encompasses the bigger picture. There is no black or white or Christian or Aboriginal or Buddhist or Native American or Celtic or even Taliban or Sufi womb. The list can be extended endlessly.
    The womb is the only nation and the only religion, literally and figuratively. “Nation” is where we are born, and re-ligio is the re-connecting to our source. What else can there be?

    Some people may feel uncomfortable within the vastness of that Divine Dance of the Great Mother and they may feel the urge to construct little enclaves within that vastness to feel the sense of safety or certainty they think they want. Of course, they are free to do so. But they cannot define the vastness of the bigger picture out of their reality or demand of others to accept that enclave as the real bigger picture. We should not even have to address that matter in this way because it is self-evident. But we address it because so many have tried to do just this.

    As a practice of “the bigger picture”, how then can The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power be circumscribed or confined into anything as small as judgment, political definition, racial or religious or national divides? As a practice of “the bigger picture”, it requires absolute anarchy – in the true sense of the word: an absence of structural oppression – and a void of constructs and agenda. It is round and forever flows. It defies the mechanisms of control that patriarchy and it’s many forms of oppression of woman and of life have devised, and it is therefore dangerous to people or entities with an investment in any part of these control mechanisms. 

    As we understand Tantra - and practice The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power – it is inseparable from woman, womb and life as such. There are two indications for this. Nothing in the world is as attacked and as much target for control as woman and life and its resources. It must therefore clearly be the most encompassing power. The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power also has incessantly been object of attempts to diminish or re-define it. To let it stand as the encompassing practice that cannot be packaged, bottled, marketed, commodified, franchised or otherwise hacked to small, plastic wrapped bits and pieces requires true courage . . and wisdom

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    My many years of teaching and facilitating have led me to the conclusion that there is only one authority, that of the inner Self. ~~ Vajra Ma