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Vajra Ma


There would be the temptation to try and clad our work into a unique and catchy name. But we won’t have you set your sights to anything outside of you, any ‘experience’ or trip, any transcendence other than to transcend the baggage that is between you and you.

Our  private sessions are based on the premise that in our body we hold and mirror our life circumstances and dynamics as muscular, cellular, and energetic patterns and that when the body finds itself in a resonant field of unconditional love and authentic presence, it naturally expands beyond these constricting patterns. The energetic patterns held in the density of the body begin to move, expand and reshape. This internal reshaping becomes positively reflected in our outer circumstances.

Our work is not about empowering you because you have the power. Our work is about responsibility. To leave the cozy nest of disempowerment and take the frightening leap into freedom. 

We will bathe you in love as our Mother loves you. It will be a love that cuts the chains of wanting. A love that faces you with your blessings and confronts you with your divine nature. 

The challenge is to embrace the consequences of your power and to live it.

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