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Soul Path Readings
by Wolfgang


DHARMA Soul Path Readings is a term created by reality. It is not the first time that I have “done something” and then was faced with the challenge what to call it. Years ago, for example, after having practiced energetic healing for some time (mostly without charging because: what would I have charged for if I didn’t know what to call it?), I finally met someone teaching various forms of it. I explained to him what I had been practicing and he invited me to teach alongside with him
_D H A R M A_
Something similar was happening about this term. I wanted neither to associate myself with the overworked Tibetan Buddhist “market”, nor did I feel up to such a big word as Dharma. But, several years ago, Yuan Miao, a true lineage carrier of Guanyin, turned to Vajra Ma and me and asked us: “May I name you?” 
She gave Vajra Ma the name Ne Zhen Zhou Ma and named me Duo Dan.

When we asked what these names mean, she explained: “Ne Zhen Zhou Ma means ‘Female Immortal of the Sun’ and Duo Dan means ‘Diamond Guardian of the Dharma’”

Vajra Ma exclaimed, "that's exactly what he does: he protects the truth!"

So, there I had it. In less than a minute’s time I had been handed – or better shouldered with – a mandate that often feels quite intimidating. Thus it is with full awareness of its momentous implications that I use the word Dharma.
_SOUL PATH Readings_
The expression “Soul Path” may be somewhat redundant since Dharma already addresses much of a person’s soul path. But I found the connotation of an essential through line as expressed in the word Path helpful. Isn’t it the being out of sync with such a through line that eats away at our years, loves, confidence, and life energy? Colloquially speaking, we are exhausting ourselves “barking up the wrong tree”. We are spinning our wheels. We have successes that feel like let-downs. 

Then there are cases when we are desperately clinging to the wrong story. We feel we were not given the instruction manual for life, while overlooking the fact that we are trying to live someone else’s or one that’s long past.
_The DISCOMFORT of having arrived_
One’s Dharma brings with itself an implicit discomfort. The big excuse of the seeker must fall away when one is in the right place at the right time with the right people. Some times we abuse the 'journey' as a means to stay disempowered, to avoid responsibility. The Dharma digs one’s nose right into such complacent dynamics and alibi spirituality. A Soul Path Reading can open the view to one's Dharma, illuminate the path, but it cannot substitute for taking the necessary steps.
I work directly with the person or through a mediator. Direct work can be person-to-person (“in the flesh”) or by telephone. A mediator preferably is a third person by telephone but can be in person as well; also possible is an object as access point (psychometry). Any mediated work requires the person’s permission.
_F e e s_
The first session (up to two hours) is $ 125.-.
The second session is $ 165.-
Any subsequent session is $ 200.-

Special long-term, salaried and pre-paid advisory contracts are possible.

The challenge is to embrace the consequences of your power and to live it.
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