I want my teachers. I want to assure that The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power is passed on in its fullness and I want to know this treasure is transmitted from these teachers to the next ones without being diminished, distorted, or diluted. The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power must be transmitted to as many women as possible and this must be done without compromise.
But this is not about me – even if it sounds like it. 
It is about you.
It is time for those who desire to guide others as a teacher in The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power to step onto the path. This is not an easy journey, nor a predictable one. I need to work with you now and over an extended period of time. Because to be able to teach and transmit The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power in its fullness requires a personal development, a maturation in the practice itself and a ripening process of the interrelationship of both, your life and the Dance. 
Over more than twenty-five years, The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power has evolved to the place where it has become easier to recognize its immeasurable and limitless power and beauty. Today, there is a morphic field of hundreds of women who have taken part in this practice and of the boundless riches of their experiences. On the other hand, it has also become crystal clear that there are no shortcuts, neither to the depth of experience possible in The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power itself nor to becoming a qualified teacher. Right now, there are less than a handful of women qualified to teach and transmit this spiritual practice. 
The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power cannot be taught in a usual "teacher training" model. The format I am offering here is shaped to meet the particular requirements of a lineage practice that is passed on by direct transmission. 
The internship I propose is a deep immersion in a life change and a life path. During that time, you will live at 'Shakti-Moon, Sanctuary of the Goddess' in southern Oregon, working with us like "family" on the land while I work with you and possibly others in the Priestess Arts and the Tantric Dance of Feminine Power. This is a level of commitment I am both requiring and giving. Anything less does not interest me and will not serve the work.
Therefore, I require a minimum of one year prior weekly study of The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power with a qualified teacher. Exceptions to this requirement are possible but rare.
This Priestess Internship has no model in modern society that I know of. The closest resemblance might be that with an old-fashioned apprenticeship, a down to earth, interrelationship based on mutual trust, integrity and devotion to the Great Mother. The work we do will be sustained by your passion and hunger to learn and by my passion and responsibility to support your process. 
I am not looking to develop a large cadre of teachers, but rather to foster fully qualified guides to carry and transmit the Dance in its fullness, without compromises, dilutions or diminishment of the practice. I am looking for those rare few who feel the power of this practice in their bones and blood and feel compelled to go the distance to carry this work. There must be dedication, fueled by a passion that you cannot deny to yourself.
While the Tantric Dance of Feminine Power is compatible with various other spiritual paths and does not require giving up other practices, it is not and cannot be approached as an adjunct or additional "tool" to add to a list of credentials and attainments. If this is what you are looking for, please stop reading here.
I am seeking those few women who are passionate, ready and compelled to take this step. What do I mean by 'compelled'? It is more a matter of the path choosing you, than you choosing the path. The Goddess seizes you for a life-time relationship, and you say 'Yes!' to Her. You already have a relationship with the Goddess and She is calling you to this path. If you do not feel a strong pull in your gut to investigate what I am offering (mixed with some fear is inevitable and OK), then this path is not for you. 
During your internship you will live at Shakti Moon, our 15 acres in southern Oregon. We will provide accommodations. You provide for your other living expenses.
You work with us (my husband and me) in developing and maintaining the land as a sustainable (informal) sanctuary, in service to the Earth and Goddess. I will work with you at least twice a week in the Tantric Dance of Feminine Power, other subtle body practices, authentic voice, sound healing, free form movement explorations. There are many other aspects of priestess arts and production tasks that I will tutor you in and to which you will contribute as well. In other words, you will do what I have done for years and am still doing, the nitty-gritty 'scut' work of a Priestess. Depending on your skills this might include production and marketing work, classes, retreats; office work, computer input, email list maintenance, and we will make sure it stays fun. Depending on events of The Southern Oregon Temple of the Goddess, you may also participate in facilitating aspects of the event, giving teachings and guided meditations, creating altars, temple tending/housekeeping. 
You will read many books and gain a thorough knowledge of Goddess herstory. List of books, below.
But to begin, I need from you a Letter of Intent, a natal birth chart (or the data to produce one: date, location and time of birth), and a current photo. Guidelines for the Letter of Intent will be provided when you contact me. Before contacting me, please read the website thoroughly, and read about The Southern Oregon Temple of the Goddess at this same website and on Facebook. 
In addition to this you must be physically and mentally fit - without smoking, drinking, drugs or other addictions - healthy and capable to take part, like a family member, in work on the land, Shakti-Moon, Sanctuary of The Goddess, doing chores, caring for the land, animals, buildings, including land clean-up, gardening and landscape work, goat care, fence mending, etc. If you are recovering from any addictions, you should be at least one year "clean".
There are no guarantees. No promises. This process can only thrive through mutual trust, integrity and respect. It may be terminated by either party at any time.
Astrology for Yourself (workbook) 
by Demetra George and Dennis Bloch
Buddhist Goddesses of India  by Miranda Shaw
From a Hidden Stream - 
The Natural Spiritual Authority of Woman 
by Vajra Ma 
Gyn/Ecology  by Mary Daly
Kali's Odiyya and Medicine of Light  by Aramananda Bhairavan
Lady of the Beasts  by Buffie Johnson
Passionate Enlightenment  by Miranda Shaw
Shakti Woman  by Vicky Noble
Tantric Quest  by Daniel Odier
Tantric Yoga  by David Frawley
The Chalice and the Blade  by Riane Eisler
The Cult of Divine Birth in Ancient Greece  by Marguerite Rigolioso 
Virgin Mother Goddesses of Antiquity  by Marguerite Rigolioso 
The Great Cosmic Mother  by Barbara Mor and Monica Sjoo
The Language of the Goddess  by Marija Gimbutas
The Myth of the Goddess  by Anne Baring and Jules Cashford
The Natural Superiority of Women  by Ashley Montague 
The Once and Future Goddess  by Elinor Gadon
The Politics of Women's Spirituality  Charlene Spretnak ed.
The Spiral Dance  by Starhawk
The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power  by Vajra Ma
The Wise Wound  by Penelope Shuttle and Peter Redgrove
Voices of Our Ancestors  by Dhyani Ywahoo
Wheels of Life  by Anodea Judith